Danielle Santos

National · National President

Danielle found out about UN Youth while googling ‘public speaking competitions’ in 2013 like any average 14 year old. At her first State Conference she didn’t say a word, but six years later she’s certainly made up for it as NSW’s Voice Convenor, NSW Director of Operations, NSW President and now as National President. 

She is in her fourth year of university at UNSW studying a combined degree of law/social research and policy. When she isn’t doing UN Youth she can be found buying more books than she can read, puppy-watching, marathoning on Netflix and listening to Broadway soundtracks.

Danielle is incredibly passionate about youth empowerment and excel spreadsheets, so UN Youth really fits that niche.

Rates: puppies!!!, learning new excel formulas, book sales

Hates: maltesers, mornings, people who tokenise youth

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