Dakoda Titmus

Queensland · President

Dakoda is studying a Bachelor of International Studies and a diploma of Languages. He majors in Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, French and Russian.

Dakoda first became involved in the organisation in 2013 when he attended a regional Evatt Round under UN Youth Tasmania. Since then he has become more heavily involved, participating in both UN Youth Tasmania and Queensland, as well as national and international UN Youth activities all as a delegate. In 2018, he was the Queensland Evatt Convenor and Queensland Treasurer. In 2019, he convened the Queensland State Conference.

He is currently serving as President of UN Youth Queensland.

Dakoda Rates

Woolworths Deli Food Platters, Competitive Monopoly, Netflix, Classical Literature.

Dakoda Hates

People who stand still on an escalator, People that chew with their mouth open, 90% of dogs (sorry not sorry)

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