Clare Beaton-Wells

Victoria · HR Director
Name: Clare Beaton-Wells
Pronouns: she/her
What is your favourite memory in this role so far?: Getting to see new facs that I have trained and onboarded absolutely kill it at their first events!!
If you could switch places with any director who would you switch with and why?: If I could switch places with any director, I’d switch with Shen (our School’s Director) as I know she is a huge HR fan and would do a fantastic job of the role, plus I also think our school’s program is one of the best parts of what UN Youth has to offer!
Rates: A good sunrise/sunset, trail running, travelling, Japanese food!!
Hates: Governments that don’t listen to young people !, Collingwood (afl) 😂, buses or PT that don’t run on time, having to wake up early!

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