Christine White

New South Wales · Director of Operations

Christine’s first experience with UN Youth was through her role as NSW Voice Convenor in 2017, which was one of the best experiences of her life. She wishes she had gotten involved in UN Youth a lot sooner and is now attempting to make up for lost time by taking on the role of NSW Director of Operations in 2018. Her main goal for this year is to see a greater number of young people from diverse backgrounds engaged in UN Youth events.

Christine is passionate about social justice and making politics accessible to everyone. She in her fourth year at the University of Sydney, attempting to write a thesis on young people’s political engagement in Western Sydney. In her spare time, she enjoys watching comedy panel shows, reading whodunnits, and having retro movie nights with her family.

Christine Rates:

Full House, the Hamilton soundtrack, afternoon naps

Christine Hates:

Birds, jogging, decaf

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