Chelsea Daniel

Victoria · Human Resources Director

The role of the Human Resources Director is to oversee the welfare of members and their training, as well as ensure that working with children requirements are adhered to. Oversees Staffing Officer and Socials Officer.

I am the HR director. I assist with all things volunteer! I am around for upskilling, answering any questions (specifically with newer facilitators), and training. Basically, if you need any assistance, I can help. Or point you too who can.

Outside of UN Youth, I am studying Politics and Screen and Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. I talk a lot about Taylor Swift, WA and movies. I also try and convince every exec member to tell me their birth times so I can do their star chart.

Rate: a good Taylor Swift bridge, crispy m+ms, state conference and asking Megan why we can’t print more money.

Hates: unnecessary Perth slander, people who don’t love state conference, when exec members won’t tell me their time of birth 🙁

Contact: chelsea.daniel@unyouth.org.au

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