Cassady Swinbourne

National · National President

Cassady works with the National Executive, the National Board and Divisions to oversee the operations of the entire organisation. Prior to this role she has held Divisional President, HR, Education, and Youth Rep Liaison roles in the Tasmanian Division, attended a number of National Activities, and the last year’s Timor Leste Project. Cassady has been passionately involved in both as a participating high-school student and a volunteer for over four years now for the UN Youth. She believes UN Youth has an immense power to inspire and empower young people to engage with global and local issues, and to think about those issues critically.

Cassady is very excited to see any innovations with technology and our events that may come out of this new online world. She hopes to continue to engage young people in activities and break down some of those physical barriers with everything being online in order to further reach out and engage regional and remote young people more than ever. She also is looking forward to seeing a lot of strategic development within the organisation and hopes to help work towards further strengthening UN Youth’s core operations.


Outside of the UN Youth, Cassady is completing her Honours in Applied Mathematics on the spread of sarcoptic mange in Tasmanian wombat populations.


Rates: The Never-Ending Story Theme Song, brisk, sunny walks in the crisp Tasmanian air, lots of very black coffee

Hates:  People who “don’t like warm drinks”, getting stuck behind slow walkers, sharing chips

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