Cassady Swinbourne

Tasmania · Divisional President

Cassady has been involved in UN Youth since 2015, both as a participant in high-school, and then as a volunteer from 2017 onwards. Cassady has worn a lot of different hats over the last three years, including the 2017 Education Director, the 2018 Youth Rep Liaison, and the Director of HR for the first couple of months of this year before being elected President. The Tasmanian division has already seen a massive growth in engagement and programs in 2019, and Cassady looks forward to seeing what can be accomplished in the remainder of the year. Outside UN Youth, Cassady is in her final year of a Bachelor of Science, is hoping to major in Physics and Applied Maths – and loves the occasional recreational rock climb.




Caffeinated beverages, Bucket hats, Public Transport


People who “don’t like warm drinks”, Legionnaire Caps


State Executive