Cam Evans

Victoria · Secretary

The role of the Secretary is to ensure compliance throughout the divisional activities.

Favourite Comfort Meal: I can eat ice-cream any time of the year or day and class it as a meal.

Favourite Netflix/Stan show: Gosh so many but my top two are: Money Heist (watch it in Spanish) and Grace and Frankie (I’m a Sol :().

Favourite thing about UN Youth: UN Youth interacts with so many wonderful, interesting and intelligible students and for me, it’s the interaction and the learning experience that we give back to the students is the thing I love most about being a part of UN Youth. Igniting the conversation and transferring the knowledge we have gained through research, lived-experience or other means of the global, national and local issue back to the students and knowing that the student has benefited in some way is what brings me back event after event.

Quirkiest thing about you: I have Marie-Kondo’d my entire life (I strongly recommend everyone do the same)… (or an alternative, I watch every show/movie with subtitles) (or another one – since being a uni, I watch everything on Youtube on x2 speed, including music videos)

Contact: cameron.evans@unyouth.org.au

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