Calvin Bruun Plener

New South Wales · Director of Human Resources

When did he become involved with UN Youth: Calvin became involved with UN Youth as a delegate at NSW’s State Conference in 2017 where he was chosen to go to National Conference and had one of the best weeks of his life. By the end of the year, he was a facilitating at pretty much every event he could get his hands on. He has also had roles as Training Officer in 2018 and  Summit Convenor in 2019 and been on several committees including the NSW Education Committee and National Education Committee. In his role as HR Director, he is responsible for the engagement of old and new facilitators, meaning he gets the honour of giving back to a team of hard-working and inspiring young adults!

Why is he involved with UN Youth: Calvin loves UN Youth for its ability to create discussions around topics not covered within normal school curriculums, and how it brings together young people that are passionate, driven, and keenly engaged with the world around them. He wishes to spread the opportunities UN Youth has created for him and is incredibly grateful to be a part of an organisation that affords young people endless opportunities in undertaking huge responsibilities otherwise not provided to youth elsewhere.

Studying: In-between UN Youth events, Calvin occasionally remembers to study for his degree, a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (English & Psychology) at the University of Sydney.

Rates: Photography, Japanese food, adding to his oversized meme collection, board games, martial arts, and dance!

Hates: The heat, country music, FOMO, apple juice, itchy grass, and boring books.

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