Audrey Velasco

New South Wales · Director of Education

When did you get involved with UN Youth? I have been a member since 2019, and started facilitating in 2020. My first school visit was at Rooty Hill High School, and I have also attended visits at Cumberland High School, Roseville College, Kurri Kurri High School and an online session with the Harding Miller Foundation.

Why are you involved with UN Youth? As cliché as it sounds, I have always believed that the youth play a key role in shaping today’s society and tomorrow’s future. They should be given platforms to speak their minds learn about the issues going on in their world and find possible solutions to them – this is exactly what we try to do at UN Youth. We try to not only educate youth, but to empower them. I may have only started my journey as a facilitator in November 2019, but I can confidently say that this portfolio and organisation is something I am passionate about. Being given the opportunity to help delegates and open their eyes to the world is one thing, but being able to connect with them is something irreplaceable.

Are you studying at the moment – if so, what are you studying? I am currently taking up a Bachelor of Arts and Laws at Macquarie University.

Rates: Breakfast, baking, dogs

Hates: Condiments, messy movie/TV show plots, unorganised shelves

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New South Wales

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