Annelise Quig

Victoria · Human Resources Director

The role of the Human Resources Director is to oversee the welfare of members and their training, as well as ensure that working with children requirements are adhered to. Oversees Staffing Officer and Socials Officer.

Annelise is currently in her second year of a Science/Arts Double Degree at Monash. She is majoring in Genetics, Spanish and International Relations. She has no idea what this degree might lead to, but figures she’ll be at uni long enough to work it out at some point.

Annelise first became involved in UN Youth in 2013 when she competed in the Evatt competition (and did not do very well), and then returned as a facilitator in 2017. Since then she has been to a lot of school visits (too many to count!) and was the Deputy Convenor for Voice in 2018. She is also the Deputy Convenor for State Conference in 2019.

Outside of UN Youth, you’ll see Annelise playing netball, tutoring Biology, volunteering for various organisations and randomly spouting sentences in Spanish (you know, for practise)

Rates: Spreadsheets and neatly organised calendars, netball, restaurants that cater to dietary requirements and cool stationery
Hates: doing nothing, being disorganised, not having a consistent job, forgetting to bring glasses cleaners everywhere

Contact: annelise.quig@unyouth.org.au

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