Angela Dela Cruz

New South Wales · Director of Communications


Angela first got involved in UN Youth as a facilitator in 2018 and immediately fell in love with the conversations and types of people which this organisation attracts. She remembers the first time  she saw a Model UN debate take place, and was hooked from then on!

Angela finds great joy in creative expression, and thoroughly enjoys robust conversations about colour palettes and abstract art. She believes that we’re all creative, and that things such as diplomacy, debate and leadership require creativity and innovative thinking. For this reason, she is now the Director of Communication and manages all of our communication platforms; she particularly thinks that the digital space is incredibly exciting and has so much potential for fostering creativity, community and meaningful dialogue with one another.

In her free time Angela enjoys rock-climbing, watering her garden and cooking.

Angela Rates:

Being in bed by 10:30pm, artisanal bread and 0.38mm ballpoint widths

Angela Hates:

Forgetting to bring her water bottle and not being able to find her glasses

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