Andy Park

New South Wales · Director of Education

When did you get involved with UN Youth? I got involved with UN Youth in 2017 through the Evatt Competition. I participated in those as a delegate until 2019 and then become a facilitator in 2021!

Why are you involved with UN Youth?The community is just so great. The facilitators are all so nice and there is a clear sense of belonging. I also love working with students, particularly through workshops. I love seeing interesting discussions unfold and am always impressed by how smart young people are

Are you studying at the moment – if so, what are you studying? Unfortunately, yes! I am a second year Arts/Law student and majoring in Philosophy.

Rates: Airports, Graphic T-shirts, Bojack Horseman, Jannabi, Yogurberry

Hates: Elitism of all forms, misplacing my phone, being close-minded

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New South Wales

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