Victoria Voice 2014 by Jessica Herne & Avanti Oberoi

By · 19 October, 2014 · News

In UN Youth tradition, I would like to begin with a quote by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This certainly rings true for us in Victoria as this month we will embark on a new ‘impossible’ endeavour as an organisation: the first ever year of the Voice competition.


The Victorian Voice Competition is set to be an incredible opportunity for all involved. Voice develops its contestants’ problem solving abilities by asking them to come up with creative ideas to solve a particular global issue or crisis.

The competition is not about complete innovation (although though our faith in our delegates certainly means we wouldn’t be surprised!); but about students clearly demonstrating their ability to notice the world around them and explain how their solution works.

Additionally, it gets students to hone their communication skills. They express their ideas through a pre-prepared presentation, and then a brief Q&A session with the judging panel, hoping to tease out the students’ thought processes and giving them the chance to show off their knowledge and their inner wordsmiths.

This is not about students representing a particular states’ interests. It is by nature much more idealistic. But idealism doesn’t mean impossible (apologies to Nelson Mandela aside): these ideas are grounded firmly in reality. Voice is not about a perfect society with unlimited means to stick a permanent band-aid on a ghastly problem. It is about our world, and what can be done in the here and now. We are looking to allow these students to recognise the limitations of the world, and not balk at the challenges.

To all the students involved, good luck. Doing something new – a new competition, a new idea – is always a challenge. But it isn’t impossible.

See you at Voice.

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