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Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Hudson

31 January, 2019

Andrew Hudson was the 1998 President of UN Youth Australia and the inaugural Youth Representative to the United Nations in 1999.

In the 20 years since he’s had a diverse career in the fields of international law and human rights. Andrew currently lives in New York and is the CEO of the NGO, Crisis Action.… Read more ›


Entrepreneurship: The Key to Youth Employment in the Modern Labour Market by Krista Flick

14 August, 2015

On the surface, economic statistics paint a very clear picture of youth unemployment being at an all-time high, rising steadily since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009. Young people play a crucial role in the growth and sustainability of the domestic and international economy, yet the rate of youth unemployment is rising steadily on a global scale.… Read more ›


Global Development Summit 2014 by Eline Beijsens

20 May, 2014

In the lead up to the G20 Summit happening in Brisbane later this year, we are incredibly proud to present to you an exciting opportunity to have your voices heard on a global stage. For students in years 9-12 from across the country, the Global Development Summit is a full day event filled with amazing workshops and activities that will further delve into the topics of the Y20 Summit (the youth conference as part of the G20).… Read more ›