Registrations for Tasmanian State Conference 2020 have now open!

By · 17 October, 2019 · News

“State Conference 2019 was one of the most influential, educational, and positive experiences I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of” – Tess, 16.

Registrations for UN Youth Tasmania’s State Conference 2020 are now open.

State Conference brings together young Tasmanians between grades 9-12 from across the state to meet other like-minded, passionate Tasmanians, learn from educational content, and have their voices heard in discussions on issues most important to them. UN Youth Tasmania has run State Conference for over 20 years, and 2019’s State Conference engaged 49 students from across Tasmania.

This conference is organised and run by young people aged between 18 and 25, allowing students to engage with educational material in a way that differs from in the classroom. By the end of this event, students will take away vital skills in critical thinking and the discussion of ideas.

State Conference aims to give delegates knowledge and skills that will aid them in furthering their high school education and expanding awareness of the current (and past) international political climate.

The content of the conference is designed to promote clear educational outcomes. The material students learn in workshops and discussions inform later debates and expands their general and geographical knowledge for further studies. The challenges faced by delegates in debates and problem-solving workshops simulate the trials they may face in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, politics, or even high school.

We encourage and foster delegates’ diplomacy, negotiation, problem-solving, and self-directed learning abilities throughout the conference, giving them transferable skills to help them flourish in their daily lives. We encourage intellectual and social participation and inclusivity, which allows delegates to develop greater confidence in their abilities, and to gain skills they have never had the opportunity to cultivate. We give the delegates the tools to engage with the problems facing today’s society, and the conference hopes to inspire the initiative to make a change. No prior knowledge is required to attend State Conference and we actively seek to make our content as accessible as possible for students of all levels.

The skills, confidence, and experience gained throughout the conference will equip students to pursue their passions through their studies and into their future careers. The material aims to expose delegates to the possibilities of the future and to spark their interest in a greater breadth of knowledge. Moreover, it empowers them to create the change they want to see in the world, and not to wait until someone else does it for them.

UN Youth believes that young people have an important contribution to make to their community, state, country, and the world, and State Conference gives them the leadership skills to do that.

The event’s convenor Stewart Jackson said on the event, “In our unique peer-to-peer learning workshops, students learn how to respectfully challenge their own and others’ beliefs as they are given a platform to engage with educational material and shape discussion about the issues most important to them”.

Registrations are open now, we encourage participants to sign up as soon as possible to secure their spots as places at the conference are limited.

We would also like to thank out generous sponsors for their support of State Conference 2020, including the University of Tasmania, Hydro Tasmania, and CCAMLR.


Get more information about the event, and register, here!

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