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Queer Relationship Allys

24 June, 2020

By Harvey Bruce

So you’re friends with someone in a queer relationship…

I am very privileged as a queer person to say that I grew up around allies, and throughout my life have continued to be surrounded by allies. Sometimes as queer people we avoid the uncomfortable conversation with our straight friends, that there is a good and a bad way to be an ally.… Read more ›


UN Youth Victoria Schools Newsletter

31 January, 2019

As a leader inspiring young people within your school community, we want to keep you up to date with all UN Youth Victoria’s events throughout the year.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, once a term we will send you an email with details on the events we have coming up and how to get involved.… Read more ›

Victoria Voice 2014 by Jessica Herne & Avanti Oberoi

Victoria Voice 2014 by Jessica Herne & Avanti Oberoi

19 October, 2014

In UN Youth tradition, I would like to begin with a quote by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This certainly rings true for us in Victoria as this month we will embark on a new ‘impossible’ endeavour as an organisation: the first ever year of the Voice competition.… Read more ›


Voice Victoria 2014

10 August, 2014

The Voice public speaking competition is about to kick off for the first time ever in Victoria for students in years 7 -10.

The Voice public speaking competition is unique. Not only does it present speakers with an opportunity to voice their opinions on what matters most to them, but it also enables them to formulate innovative solutions, lobby for their consideration and defend their validity.… Read more ›


Be The Change

21 October, 2013

2014 Victorian Conference applications are now open!

Inspired by the Mahtama Ghandi quote, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, Victorian Conference 2014 encourages students to become engaged in international development, and active in their own communities.

At the end of 2014, the UN Millennium Development Goals will come to an end.… Read more ›


Evatt Victoria 2013 State Final Allocations

27 August, 2013

The state finalists for Evatt Victoria 2013 have been selected!

Congratulations to all semi-finalists: the high standard of debate made the judges’ jobs difficult! We are very pleased, however, to announce the state finalists of Evatt Victoria 2013!

In addition, all students will be receiving written feedback from the judges; check with your teachers for the feedback forms in the coming weeks.… Read more ›

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