What I Wish The Government Knew

25 August, 2017

I wish the government knew, and appreciated, the incredible stories of young Australians. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be at the UN General Assembly sharing some of them.

I’ve met with tens of thousands of young Australians this year. I’ve collected information from young people in every electorate across Australia.… Read more ›


International Youth Day

12 August, 2017

This International Youth Day, enrol to vote.

This year, I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of young Australians about the issues that matter to them and their proposed solutions to the problems facing their community.

People often ask me if I’m surprised by the contributions in these consultations, and I don’t have a better answer than “no”.… Read more ›


What to Do When the World Happens

25 June, 2017

For me, discovering politics happened more or less overnight, and it was an experience that’ll probably sound very familiar to UN Youth regulars. I finally got onto Facebook at the start of Year 10, and a month later, I went to my first State Conference; a lot of new things were appearing in my day-to-day life, and in the middle of it all was a fresh relationship with the news.… Read more ›


World Refugee Day: Messages of Warmth

20 June, 2017 Many people, looking back on their family history, will see someone who sought safety. A great-grandmother who delivered her children to safety during the World Wars, a soldier granted political asylum because he didn’t want to kill, or a family fleeing persecution in their home country.… Read more ›

World Blood Donor Day

14 June, 2017

Facilitator, donor, and daughter of a recipient Kate Turner reflects on the importance of giving blood and why your next milkshake could be a matter of life and death.

When I was sixteen, I donated blood for the first time. I wasn’t hugely nervous – a few of my friends had been before, and our school had encouraged it at assemblies and in homeroom.… Read more ›
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