One week before the Evatt National Finals

By · 01 December, 2012 · News

There is only one week remaining before the start of the Evatt National Finals, the capstone of the national Evatt Competition.

Held in Brisbane from 10-13 December, the National Finals are themed “Conflict: Out of the Trenches” and explore the changing nature of conflict in the modern world over four days of UN simulations.

The top 30 teams are selected from Evatt competitions held in each state and territory; the top 15 teams are chosen on the third day to go on a fourth day Grand Final, from which the winner of the Evatt Trophy will be chosen by our expert judging panel.

Throughout the week, delegates will consider three sub-themes: Security In a Changing World, an examination on the impact of technology on the way humans wage war; The Human Face of Security, which will look at the causes and effects of refugees and Internally Displaced Peoples in conflict scenarios; and Securing Our Environment, which will explore conflicts which arise due to resource scarcity.

Already, the delegates are busily researching four of the draft resolutions they will debate from the perspective of their assigned UN Security Council country:

  • The Question of Nuclear Weapons, exploring nuclear non-proliferation
  • The Question of Mali and state secession,
  • The Question of Water Security, considering armed conflict arising from basic resource scarcity, and,
  • The Question of the Responsibility to Protect, critically examining the question of armed humanitarian intervention.

Keep watching this website for highlights from the debate!

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