Nexus Australia Youth Summit 2016 with Tiffany Leece

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UN Youth Australia: How would you explain the Nexus Australia Youth Summit to someone who’s never heard of it before?

TL: Nexus is a global movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. We work to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions. Founded in 2011, Nexus puts the hope and promise of young people on the world stage by bringing together leaders at Nexus events around the world for inspiration, education, dialogue, and collaborative problem solving.

What do you think makes Nexus so great?
Nexus is unique, exciting and important because it provides a platform for young individuals in the social entrepreneurship / philanthropic arena together for a few days of conversation, in a way that no other platform does.  Nexus curates a safe space of non-solicitation to stimulate lifelong authentic connections among peers.

Why is Nexus aimed specifically at young people?
The world is at a crossroads. Social and environmental tensions are growing. Technology has made the global village increasingly interconnected and interdependent. People everywhere are seeking transformative ideas, new resources, and new leadership to ensure a more peaceful and sustainable future. And, through Nexus, younger generations rise to meet the challenge. According to the Wealth Transfer Report, tens of trillions of dollars will transfer from older to younger generations by 2050 in the United States alone. However, the mechanisms dedicated to creating wealth far outpace those dedicated to giving it away. Too few wealth-holders are becoming strategic donors and social impact investors. How can we encourage greater generosity and socially responsible investing? How can we inspire the young and wealthy? With these trends in mind, young leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists came together in 2011 to form Nexus to open a dialogue about how to address such social change.
The mission of Nexus is to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions among a younger generation (under 40) who are at the fore of facing these challenges.

What have some Nexus participants from previous years gone on to do?

Two key examples stand out from Nexus Australia Summits from previous years – the two Innovator of the Year Award Winners from Nexus Australia in GoodMob and The Nappy Collective.

An anecdote from The Nappy Collective:
Winning the Nexus Innovator of the Year Award in 2014 was an enormous advancement for The Nappy Collective. It allowed us to swiftly propel forward and execute our strategy without being held back by financial constraints or time spent fundraising.
The award ultimately allowed us to make a significant impact on the lives of families in need much more quickly than we had anticipated. Another benefit of winning the award was that it considerably raised our profile in the philanthropic community, giving us a huge boost of confidence with ANZ publicly supporting our work.
Since winning the award, The Nappy Collective has donated around 750,000 nappies to 120 charitable organisations in every state and territory in the country. We have successfully crowdsourced and engaged wide sections of the community including businesses, MPs, families, large retailers and well-known Australians in collective giving. Using our platform, we continue to raise awareness of the impact and extent of family violence on mothers with young children.

How can our readers get involved and what advice would you give them about taking part?
Get involved with Nexus by submitting an application to The Summit here.

We would love applicants who are passionate about social change, social entrepreneurship and philanthropy – locally and globally.

Applications for the Nexus Australia Youth Summit close on Tuesday 26th January 2016.

For more information on the Summit, please send an email to



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