Media Release: UN Youth Australia’s Response to COVID-19

By · 02 May, 2020 · Announcements, Blog, Features, News, Youth Representative

UN Youth Australia are committed to acting with urgency and purpose to support the community of young people across the nation during COVID-19.

At UN Youth Australia, we educate over 15,000 young Australians each year about international issues and the role of the UN. We equip a generation of young leaders with the skills and inspiration to make change on these issues and more. We will continue to do so during the time of a global pandemic by making information, resources and support accessible to young people. 

As a peak body for young Australians, we recognise the need for youth perspectives and opinions on issues related to COVID-19. We know that young leaders have the vision and passion to create meaningful change within their communities and throughout the world and aim to equip them with the skills and resources to do so.

Brendan, a director on the UN Youth Australia Board states that this public statement reflects the important role the organisation plays in supporting young people and the broader community during the unpredictable health and economic crisis. 

“Whilst it is a challenging environment for all youth service providers in the country, our responses and decisions are intended to keep all our volunteers and participants safe, provide confidence for the delivery of our programs in the medium term and maintain the sustainability of our financial position”. 

Jem, UN Youth Australia’s Chief Human Resources Officer states the organisation has proven to react proactively to the situation and operate in a positive manner. 

“By taking proactive measures early on, we are in a position where we can adapt our programs where possible and leverage new ideas and technology. We have already seen our Voice National Finals take place online just a few short weeks ago with immense success.”

“Our volunteers are working hard to ensure that we can still provide quality educational outcomes for students, and to continue connecting young minds. All UN Youth Australia volunteers have adapted to these unforeseeable circumstances with such open minds and drive to keep the organisation running. They are the reason we can continue our programs.”

This support will bring confidence to young people across Australia and allow them to play a role in helping the nation recover from COVID-19. 


UN Youth Australia is a national youth-led organisation that aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. Young leaders have the vision and passion to create meaningful change within their communities and throughout the world, and aim to equip them with the skills and inspiration to do so.

Media contact:
Sarah Ramantanis, Chief Communications Officer, UN Youth Australia or 0478 893 183. 

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