Laura John in New York City: Week One

By · 19 September, 2014 · Features, News

UN Youth Rep Laura John has just spent her first week in New York City spreading the hopes, dreams and ideas of young Australians at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Laura will spend the coming weeks in NYC working alongside the Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations to further the work of the Third Committee. The meetings of the United Nations General Assembly are divided into six major committees with each group focusing on issues of a specific area – the Third Committee deals with social, humanitarian and cultural issues. On the agenda this year is the advancement of women, racism, children’s right and improving the lives of people living with disabilities.

Laura’s role is to help out the team and, at times, to insert the opinions and visions of young Australians. Laura will also be delivering a brief statement on behalf of Australia, inspired by the information she has gathered from you during her travels and time as Youth Rep.

Laura will also be meeting and working with Youth Delegates from other countries to highlight the importance of young people in all aspects of the UN’s work.

You can follow Laura’s journey via her blog and Facebook page.



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