An interview with Jack Mckenzie about Evatt Victoria Competition 2014

By · 05 June, 2014 · Features

Jack Mckenzie is the Director of the Evatt Victoria Diplomacy Competition

How would you describe Evatt to someone who’s never heard of it before?

The Evatt Victoria Diplomacy Competition is a unique environment, in which you and a partner are presented the challenge of debating on behalf of a nation. If you love international affairs, politics, or simply enjoy debating, Evatt is for you.

 What kinds of opportunities come from taking part in Evatt?

Evatt helps to refine the way in which public speakers and debaters work in teams and how well they are able to negotiate. Both is these skills are essential in the real world. Evatt also allows young people to engage with each other and build networks among their peers.

What can participants expect from the regional rounds?

The regional rounds are unique in the fact that they are essentially one-day events, from the start of the day until the end, our facilitators’ work towards increasing the skills and global awareness of the delegates within a very limited time frame.


How can they best prepare themselves and their team?

Delegates should make sure to know how their teammate works best, remember to play to your strengths and have your partner cover your weaknesses. ALWAYS do some study into your assigned nation, learn how rich or poor it is, learn how many of your citizens are religious, learn where your nation stands on major issues like climate change, refugee rights and sovereignty disputes.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Nobody has ever known they enjoyed something before they tried it. Give Evatt a go, and you may end up loving it as much as I do.


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