International Day of People with Disabilities

By · 03 December, 2016 · News

This International Day of People with Disabilities we took the opportunity to celebrate some of the incredible things our volunteers with disabilities are doing in UN Youth and beyond, and what they wish people knew this IDPWD.

monicaMonica is a facilitator with UN Youth, who would definitely be a kitten if she was an animal. Her coolest talent is definitely her ability to write essays for assessment on weird topics (like how Rumpelstiltskin is actually about capitalism), but you’re just as likely to find her stuck in a Wikipedia rabbit hole of articles on something like deep sea creatures.

“I wish people knew that people with disabilities tend to know their limitations better than anyone else.”


Edward is the Chief Communications Officer, although in his spare time he prefers going out for brunch. When he’s not being a classic Melbourne resident, he used to spend time being an Australian Open umpire, but now he focuses more on practicing the four instruments he plays.

“I wish people knew that disabilities aren’t always visible.”





Zoe is the NSW Divisional President, and the convenor of the Middle East Experience 2017. If she was an animal she would probably be a turtle, but a really cool one that speaks Ukrainian and is writing a novel.

“My disability is a chronic illness and a mental illness and while it profoundly affects my life it has only a very small impact on who I am.”





Danielle is the NSW Operations Director, so she’s responsible for making sure that all of the events in NSW run smoothly. That attention to detail is probably why she would be an owl if she was an animal, but it could also be because sometimes she prefers binging netflix or reading to going out in sunlight.

“Having a disability doesn’t disqualify a person from having fun and making dumb decisions about their health.



Bianca is the National Evatt Finals convenor for 2016. Aside from travelling (she has three passports), she used to spend her spare time being a state gymnastics champion on beam, floor, and vault. Since then she has basically developed into a state baking champion, and makes amazing salted caramel brownies.

“I wish that people didn’t ask me to get out of the priority seats on public transport. Just because I look like a fit and healthy person doesn’t mean I don’t need the seat, but now I worry about taking one.”



Karen has been a facilitator with UN Youth since 2010. We tried to get her to admit to a hobby other than being an absolute fiend on the race track, but she actually just really likes working.

“I wish people knew not to judge the people around them.”
Brianna Bell profile pictureBrianna is the CEO, but it has also been speculated that she may be part quokka. She spends most of her spare time alternating between teaching her dogs tricks, photography, and binge-watching netflix. Her favourite talent is the way she has been able to take all the skills UN Youth has taught her to make other parts of her life like uni or work easier or more rewarding.

“I wish that people didn’t feel like it is an inconvenience or burden to make spaces accessible to everyone.”

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