Our Day to Celebrate Human Rights!

By · 10 December, 2012 · News

That’s right folks, today is Human Rights Day 2012.

With this years spotlight on the rights of all people, we have a chance to celebrate and raise awareness about the basic human rights of those marginalised in society. Young people, women, people with disability, the poor and marginalised all deserve their chance to speak up and be heard in public life.

Have a look at articles 19, 20, and 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights where all people have the right to freedom of expression, association and to take part in government. They’re what’s powered much of the transformation of middle eastern countries like Egypt and Libya, and continues to fire a drive for democracy across the world.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said in his statement:

…in several parts of the world, we have seen alarming threats to hard-won gains in democratic governance.  In some countries, civil society groups face growing pressures and restrictions.  …  Champions of democracy have encountered new confrontational measures.  We should all be troubled by such backsliding.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

These ideals are just as important at home. Young Australians are more engaged and more informed than ever, and need to have their chance to shape a future for all of us.

Today the UN is giving everyone their chance to speak up and make their voice count! Check out the range of Google+ Hangouts and jump onto Twitter to share your thoughts about how to affect change through the hashtag #VoiceCount. Mention @UNYouthAus and we’ll retweet and post the best! Get amongst it!

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