Global Development Summit 2014 by Eline Beijsens

By · 20 May, 2014 · Features

In the lead up to the G20 Summit happening in Brisbane later this year, we are incredibly proud to present to you an exciting opportunity to have your voices heard on a global stage. For students in years 9-12 from across the country, the Global Development Summit is a full day event filled with amazing workshops and activities that will further delve into the topics of the Y20 Summit (the youth conference as part of the G20). These topics include growth and jobs creation, global citizenship and sustainable development.

As part of the Global Development Summit, you will get the chance to collaborate with fellow delegates to create a written submission forwarded onto the Australian Delegation of the Y20 Summit. Your contribution on topics such as youth unemployment, poverty, climate change and youth representation is invaluable to the key issues facing young people, Australian society, and the global community.

Development is one of the most crucial global challenges that the international community faces. With the Millennium Development Goals coming to an end in 2015 it is more vital than ever to take global development in a positive direction. This places the G20 in an ideal position to take leadership in the debate of economic development. At the summit we will be looking at the challenges, opportunities and questions around economic development both across the world and here at home.

We’ll ask questions like:

– Is the international community good at encouraging development?

– What responsibilities do we have as a wealthier country to poorer or developing nations?

– Is our prosperity here in Australia the same for everyone?

The economic impact of G20 members is heavily influential and therefore crucial to developing and developed nations. Economic growth is by no means perfect and whilst the G20 might not be able to provide solutions to all these problems, starting the conversation at an international level is a very important step forward.

As current chair of the Group of Twenty this year Australia will have the opportunity to help shape the global economic environment and play a key role in guiding the discourse on global development. Influential economic leaders will openly address the challenges and opportunities of the global community. This means it is a critical time for young people from across the country to be able to engage with these debates and make their own contributions!

The Who, When and Where!

The Details

  • When: Saturday 24 May, 2014 – Registration opens at 8.30am, event ends at 3pm.
  • Who: any high school student in year 9 – 12. You don’t need any prior knowledge!
  • Cost: $20 (including lunch)
  • Where: summits are being held in all Australian capital cities:
    • Canberra: the Australian National University
    • Sydney: St Scholastica’s College, Glebe
    • Darwin: Charles Darwin University, Casurina Campus
    • Melbourne: City Cite – Level 12, 474 Flinders Street, Melbourne
    • Hobart: Menzies Research Institute 17 Liverpool St, Hobart
    • Adelaide: To be confirmed
    • Perth: Methodist Ladies’ College, Perth
    • Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology, Garden’s Point

Visit the website to register!

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