Getting Up: Evatt Regional Rounds by Edward Vong

By · 20 July, 2014 · Features, News

Getting up before the sun rises is not so pleasant. But there is a certain beauty in that constant of the sun rising every morning. Those lucky enough to have been part of an Evatt Regional Round probably experienced this in some way.

Getting up and into a car for a long drive can be perfunctory. But Evatt Victoria aims to have a Regional Round at least 2 hours drive from every school in the state. Those dirt road warriors know that we will have a round not too far away.

Getting up and stepping into the big room with tables in a “U” formation is new. But we make it fun with personalised placards and flags for every member of the UN Security Council. Those who wear the badge with their country’s name on it wear it with pride.


Getting up to deliver a speech can be daunting. But at our Evatt Regional Rounds we run workshops on speaking and negotiating. Those who tell me they can’t do public speaking often surprise everyone with fantastic and articulate speeches.

Getting up to go into the negotiation chamber is certainly a different experience for many. But it’s an open space where people are free to negotiate and build consensus with others. Those in the negotiation chamber often come up with some great amendments to the resolution.

Getting up and stating your country’s stance at the final vote on a resolution can be filed with anticipation. But don’t forget, to pass, a resolution needs a 2/3 majority to pass. Those with veto power should vote carefully!

Getting up to shake the other delegates hands on a great day of passed or failed resolutions is part of the Evatt experience. We hope you’ll come away with newfound knowledge and some new friends.

Get up and come join us at one of Evatt Victoria’s Regional Rounds in Mildura, Geelong, Shepparton, Morwell, Ballarat, Bendigo or Warrnambool. It’s a lot of fun and you certainly won’t regret it.

“Every sun is a new sun, and every morning’s light is a new light, by which one can see things so clearly that were not even a dream the night before.”

We aim to be a constant out in regional areas. Just like how the sun rises.



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