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By · 09 November, 2014 · Features, News

On the eve of the G20 Leaders Meeting, UN Youth Australia is excited to launch our definitive Global Development Summit report.

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Introducing the Global Development Summit Report

The Global Development Summit Report comes out of a significant nationwide consultation involving over 500 Australian secondary students. It demonstrates young Australians’ understanding of the challenges we face as a global community, and shows the creative energy with which they take up the task of finding robust solutions.

Students attending the event talked about the main policy areas of the summit, including economic growth, development and domestic inequality, youth representation and economic participation, and sustainable development.

“I believe that increased investment in technology will lead to increased productivity and a higher standard of living,”
– delegate from the Northern Territory

Another student from the ACT said:

“I believe that the G20 Leaders have a moral responsibility to close the inequality gap domestically. Economic development should be available to all.”

We were inundated with hundreds of bright ideas from young Australians. We tried to reflect such a huge scope in the report, though it’s positions reflect the consensus from our consultation.

After an initial release to political leaders, public servants and community organisations, we’re excited to be launching the Global Development Summit report to the public. It’s an honour for all of us at UN Youth Australia to deliver these voices of young Australians to the international community.

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