FunMUN Queensland 2014

By · 24 April, 2014 · Features

FunMUN is an exciting event coming up in May for secondary students run by UN Youth Queensland. FunMUN acts as a laid back and easy introduction to the world of MUN, acting as a gateway (drug) to later events such as the Evatt Competition and MUN in general. It is entirely non-competitive and there is no pressure on students whatsoever so they can speak as much as they like. FunMUN is held in three different cities Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast on four days with lunch and morning tea provided. Delegates will be debating as part of the General Assembly and given the size of the event and the countries involved there is a multitude of different opinions and diversity.


Keeping in the fashion of it’s laid back and enjoying style prizes are given out on the day that range from Most Likely to Start World War Three to Best Dressed. In fact dressing up as one’s country is encouraged. FunMUN usually has a theme as well from which all debates are centred around. This year’s theme is WMDs that will pit delegates from all countries big and small against each other over a range of geo-political situations and impromptu scenarios keeping them on their toes. The nature of the event means that a country such as Azerbaijan has just as much say on the issue as the United States of America. All in all FunMUN is the perfect mix of crazy, serious and outright theatrics to introduce students into the world of UN Youth and MUN.

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