Expanse: Why GenYers are stepping away from stereotypes by Tim Middlemiss

By · 24 August, 2014 · Features, News

GenYers who are reading this will be familiar with a battle we share. A battle we could probably fight, and win, if we could be bothered to get up off our parents’ couches and tear ourselves away from the screens we apparently love… but…well… “Meh.”  Plus I’m way too much of a commitmaphobe to risk engaging in a battle. In case you’re not picking up on my sarcasm, the battle I speak of is the battle against the GenY stereotype. And for those of us who don’t identify at all with this stereotype, the message that we’re ‘self-centred, irresponsible and apathetic leeches’, is getting pretty old. Like every generation, ours does have its faults. And sure, some of us need say YOLO a bit less often and start thinking of others, but, at least in the circles I move in, there is also an abundance of Millennials who are fully awake to the world around them and looking outside themselves. We care about global inequality, politics and the environment and we’re optimistic enough to believe that we can leave the legacy of a world with fewer scars than the one we’re inheriting.

If you’re in Melbourne on 30 August, you could be lucky enough to witness a 250strong group of said humanitarian Millennials converge on the Royal Exhibition Building for Expanse; a one-day conference that aims to give GenYers “the tools they need to start the fight for greater justice and equality in the world”. Expanse is the brainchild of Agency, a creative studio that was recently named Best New Agency at the international Net Awards, and brings some of the biggest charitable organisations in the world together into one room. World Vision, Oaktree, UN Youth and ONE.org are all taking part, and they’re calling on “student leaders, advocates, speakers, thinkers and dreamers to join them”. If you are a GenYer with dreams for a more just and equal world, then Expanse is the conference for you. You can use the internet coming out of the screen you’re glued to while you read this to learn more and register for Expanse here.  Oh, and in case you’re feeling anxious about it, you can ‘check in’ to the conference on your Smartphone on the day and there will be hashtags and selfies-a-plenty so you can ease your FOMO. We’ll just be using social media for social good, not for evil.


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