Youth Rep to the United Nations

The 2018 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations is Amos Washington.

Amos' Vision

In 2018, the Youth Representative consultation will attempt to answer the question “What would Australia look like if young people had a greater say?” Amos Washington, this year’s Youth Representative will lead the consultation, hoping to capture the diversity of Australian young people.

Amos is determined to increase the reach of the Youth Representative Program to engage with more young Australians than ever before, and this year’s consultation will enable young people to engage with the Program in new and exciting ways.

Amos' Story

Amos is 22 years old and lives in the Adelaide Hills with his family. Amos has had a passion for volunteer work ever since he was young.

Amos became involved with UN Youth Australia’s activities after attending events in high school, including consultations run by the 2012 and 2013 Youth Reps.

Amos has facilitated at conferences and events with UN Youth Australia across the country, has served as a transformative Regional and Education Director of the South Australian division, as well as in New Zealand as part of the Aotearoa Leadership Tour, an educational tour for young people that Amos deputy convened in 2016.

Beyond UN Youth, Amos has worked in multiple roles in the non-profit sector. Amos has a passion for the arts and has worked with Urban Myth Theatre of Youth, South Australian Youth Arts, and the Centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts. In 2017, Amos spent time in Canberra working for the National Centre for Indigenous Studies as part of the Aurora Project Internship Program.


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