For The Future - Podcast

A podcast by young people, for young people.


The show aims to inspire, empower, and educate listeners through the exploration of issues raised as most important to young Australians. 

Co-hosts Lucy Stronach and Sean McCarthy were inspired to share the stories of countless young people despite the challenges of our isolated environment in 2020. Through a range of diverse topics, Lucy and Sean will interview, engage with, and discuss critical issues with those actively involved in the youth sector. Our most important guests will, of course, be young people themselves.

The podcast is a platform for the Australian Youth Representative and UN Youth Australia to amplify the voices of young people across the nation. From employment to gender inequality, mental health, and the environment- join us in thought-provoking discussions on what young people are doing to create change.

Got an idea for the show?

All young people can nominate someone that you would like to have featured as a guest, or a topic that you would like covered on the Podcast.
If you have multiple guests or topics in mind, please fill out one form per suggested guest/topic.

Click here to submit.

Co-Host and Producer

Lucy Stronach

Lucy is a researcher, true-crime fanatic and young person actively working to reform the criminal justice system towards a proactive model. While juggling studies in Criminology and running a local charity, Lucy collects plants, old knitted jumpers and postcards that never seem to get used.

Lucy is the 2021 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations.

Co-Host and Producer

Sean McCarthy

Sean is an actor and writer who is passionate about creating art that meaningfully represents young people and those not otherwise fairly represented in mainstream media. Alongside not quite finishing a degree, he plays along to quiz shows from his couch and is pretending to finish the book next to his bed.

Sean was the Chief Communications Officer for UN Youth Australia in 2018

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