National Listening Tour

The Youth Representative is the only role of its kind in Australia. The Australian Youth Representative to the UN is a role appointed annually by UN Youth Australia in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Youth Representative holds an extensive, nationwide consultation to engage with and discover the issues that are most important to young Australians.

Known as the Listening Tour, this consultation process will see the Youth Representative meeting not only with young people but also with prominent members of the Australian community, including MPs, NGO leaders and those involved in the youth and education sectors.

In September, the Youth Representative travels to New York to represent Australian youth at the United Nations, as a member of the Official Australian Delegation to the UN. Kareem will deliver a speech on his findings during the Listening Tour, and upon his return to Australia, will deliver a report to the federal government on the year’s consultations.

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State & Territory Breakdown

NSW: February 16 — February 28, March 14 — March 15 (NSW State Conference), May 27-31 (Regional, combined with SA), June 1 — June 11.

VIC: March 1 — March 8 (State Conf 8th), April 29 — May 3, July 18 — July 28

QLD: March 9 — March 13, June 12 — June 22, August 6 — August 12

SA: March 24 — March 28, May 11 — May 16, May 27-31 (Regional, combined with NSW), June 26 — June 27

NT: March 29 — April 7, May 6 — May 10

WA: April 8 — April 15, June 28 — July 6

ACT: April 16 — April 21, August 13 — August 19

TAS: May 20 — May 26, July 29 — August 5

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