UN Youth Australia aims to allow young people to explore and engage with the most important issues facing our world.

Our Young Leaders Summits are one day conferences held all across Australia that deal with these issues with the depth and nuance they deserve.

Our Summits focus on a wide range of topics that young people are interested in, from gender to geopolitics.

Our third Summit for 2019 is looking at the freedom of press and the freedom of information.

Young Leaders Summit: Our Press, Our Freedom

The press plays an important role in the distribution of information for people around the world. So how does the freedom of the press impact political and social empowerment and expression, democracy and political movements and minority groups? There’s lots to get our heads around when it comes to the press in political environments.

Want to learn more about the concepts of freedom of press and information, and how they relate to other rights or considerations, including security, privacy and offensiveness? Join us at this one day event that will break down the the key issues facing whistleblowers, national security and journalists.

With our last Young Leaders Summit of the year coming up, now is the perfect time to pop on your thinking hat and come along to the one-day conference filled with workshops, guest speakers and discussions. This Summit will equip you with the knowledge and tools to understand discourse surrounding the freedom of information and press here in Australia and the world.

Through interactive workshops, you’ll learn about the state of press freedom right here in Australia and how different motives or political structures can lead to it being suppressed. We’ll look at case studies that explore national security, ‘no-platforming’ of public figures known for controversial speech and whistleblowing. Whether you’re an expert or brand new to this, there’ll be plenty to learn.

We’re bringing young people together across the country. The Young Leaders Summit will be running in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Townsville and Sydney.

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The ‘Our Press, Our Freedom’ Young Leaders Summit is running in these cities across Australia:

  • Brisbane – November 2, time TBC
    Contact: Liam Morgan (liam.morgan@unyouth.org.au)
  • Sydney – November 16, 10:00 -16:00
    Venue: UTS, Building 11
    Cost: $25
    Contact: Olivia Mueller (olivia.mueller@unyouth.org.au)
  • Townsville – November 16
    Venue: James Cook University
    Contact: Kaitlin Lewis (kaitlin.lewis@unyouth.org.au)
  • Adelaide – December 10, 09:00 – 15:15
    University of Adelaide, Lower Napier Building

Still got questions? Want to get involved but the summit isn’t running in your city? Email us at info@unyouth.org.au.

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Previous summits have covered issues from climate change to development, from gender equality to global security.