About our Programs

Take advantage of a top-quality educational experience, crafted specifically for your classroom!

UN Youth WA facilitators are experienced peer-to-peer educators, each of whom has received extensive facilitation training. We believe each young person has the potential to understand and exercise their civic rights on a local, national and global level and demonstrate this through our programs. We value informal education, giving students a different style of learning based on interactivity and understanding to supplement their factual knowledge.

We offer peer-delivered workshops, Model UN debate sessions, interactive problem solving simulations and many more programs lasting from one hour sessions to day-long events. All of our programs can be tailored specifically to your requirements, or if nothing suits you perfectly, let us know and we will create a new workshop for your classroom.

Topics of workshops include but are not limited to:

  • The UN system
  • Asia and Australia’s Engagement in Asia
  • War and Peacekeeping
  • Contemporary conflicts
  • Economics and Development
  • Justice and Civic participation



If you have any questions about our Education Program, talk to Georgia, our Education Officer, at georgia.brand@unyouth.org.au.

Regional Schools

UN Youth Western Australia firmly believes that regional and rural students deserve the same educational and extracurricular opportunities as their metropolitan peers.

We have broad interaction with students and schools outside the metropolitan area through our regional Evatt and Voice rounds held in Bunbury, Geraldton, and Albany, and our subsidies for regional students to attend our State Conference.

We also hold Northern and Southern Regional Roadtrips, which send groups of dedicated facilitators to schools in regional centres in the north of our state in February and the south in November each year. Previous trips have taken us as far as Broome, and we very much home to continue this expansion of our regional program in years to come.

All of our workshops can be tailored to the needs of regional classrooms, and we will travel to your school to present it.

All you need to do is contact us.


If you have any questions about our regional engagement program, get in touch with our Regional Officer, Charles, at charles.fedor@unyouth.org.au.