What is Fun MUN?

Fun MUN allows students to participate in MUN (Model United Nations) without the pressure of competition, in a more casual and fun (hence the name) environment.

This event is suitable for high school students with any level of experience and is a great way to refine your skills in diplomacy & debating.

How does a MUN (Model United Nations) debate work?

Prior to the event, each participant will be assigned a different country to represent.

You will then be presented with a mock UN resolution (i.e. a formal expression of the opinion or will of the United Nations) regarding a current global issue.

In a simulation of the UN General Assembly, you must work together (or against each other) as delegates to debate, amend, and vote on the resolution from the perspective of your assigned country.

Why should I sign up?

Fun MUN will allow you to:

  • Practice public speaking!
  • Develop skills in negotiation & diplomacy!
  • Learn more about international relations & global politics!
  • Familiarise yourself with the functions & processes of the United Nations!
  • Meet like-minded students & make new friends!
  • (and most importantly) have fun!

This is also a great opportunity to build your MUN experience & prepare for our Evatt Competition! Click here for more information about Evatt

Event Details


Students in Years 7 – 12


Sunday, 21 July 2024


1 PM – 5:00 PM


Centenary Park Community Centre, Belmont


$30 including light afternoon tea and souvenir country placard


If you have any questions, contact: 

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