Victorian Voice Competition

How would you solve the problems of today’s world? In UN Youth Voice, choose an issue that matters to you, and tell us how you’d change the world.

Welcome to the Voice Victoria 2020!

Voice is more than a public speaking competition. We ask participants from years 7-10 to propose solutions to pressing global issues that matter to them, and answer questions to defend the feasibility of their solution.

Topics will be released closer to round dates, after registration. Students in year 7 – 8 (junior division) will have four minutes to present their solution, and students in year 9 – 10 (senior division) will have five minutes. All students will be asked two questions by the judges about their solution, and will have two minutes to answer them.

We’ll see you there!

Why compete in Voice?

  • Develop skills in public speaking and research!
  • Hone your ability to think on your feet, assisting you in leadership positions or debating competition in the future.
  • Build an increased knowledge about areas pertinent to you as students.
  • A chance to meet like minded and engaged young people.

How Voice works

Speaking Time
Junior Division (Year 7 and 8): 4 minutes
Senior Division (Year 9 and 10): 5 minutes

Question Time
Junior Division (Year 7 and 8): 2 minutes
Senior Division (Year 9 and 10): 2 minutes

Speech Format
The competition is split into two parts — the Pitch and Question Time.

  1. The Pitch: This is where participants outline a solution to a given world problem. Students may present new solutions to long-standing problems, or new solutions to largely untouched issues. In this section adjudicators will be judging based on participants’ ability to provide tangible solutions rather than just identifying their chosen issue in the abstract.
  2. Question Time: Here participants answer two questions, lasting for approximately one minute each, on the solution they presented in The Pitch by the judging panel.

Voice 2020

Preliminary rounds run throughout late May and early June on an online platform. The top 15 students from each of the junior and senior divisions will then compete in the State Final.

Standard registration cost is $10 per student (excl. booking fee). Register here: https://unyouth.wufoo.com/forms/my8slck0508vnl/

Contact the Convenor Milly Chen at milly.chen@unyouth.org.au Director of Competitions, Michael Donaghue- Evans at michael.donaghue-evans@unyouth.org.au if you have any questions.

Contact us!

If you have any questions, please send an email to our Competitions Director, Michael at michael.donaghue-evans@unyouth.org.au.

Please ensure you have read and understood our Registration Policy before completing the registration form.

The registration policy also details a number of discounts for which you and your students may be eligible.

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