The Pitch

Juniors (Years 7-8): 4 minute prepared speech

Seniors (Years 9-10): 5 minute prepared speech

Participants are to outline their solution for the provided topic in as much detail as they deem necessary. Their responses will be assessed in accordance with the criteria outlined below. Delegates may use supportive materials if they believe this will aid in their response – however, they may only be used for demonstrative auxiliary purposes, and not in place of speech. Supportive material can only be taken into account if directly referenced in the proposal. Judges will not detract “points” from a delegate who does not use supportive materials.

Good examples: maps, charts, graphs, timelines
Inadmissible examples: bullet point action plans, detailed explanatory paragraphs,

Judges will not interact with the participants during their Pitch.

Question Time

Participants are to answer two questions posed by the judging panel. Their responses will be assessed in regards to both the general criteria, as well as the additional criteria below.

Judges may ask any and all questions pertaining to the substance of the proposal as outlined in the sub-sections of the Matter judging criteria. Questions will only be directed towards the proposed solution, but may include aspects the participant has not touched upon.

Participants may ask for clarification regarding a question, but may not enquire as to the validity, completeness, or relevance of their responses.

Participants may choose not to answer a question. However, this is not viewed favorably. Brevity and concise responses are preferred. Responses to questions will also be reviewed in regards to the following criteria:

  • Comprehensiveness of the response to the question
  • Addition of new information
  • Evidence of a strong level of research/knowledge
  • Justification of response
  • Succinctness and brevity of response

Both the Pitch and Question Time are taken into account for the judging process. The three core areas that are judged in a participant’s speech in both The Pitch and Question Time are, in order of importance: Matter, Manner, and Method.

A comprehensive guide to the competition structure can be found here



  • Analysis and knowledge of current situation
  • Sophistication of research into solution
  • Identification of obstacles to resolution of the issue
  • Reasonable feasibility of proposal
  • Originality of proposal
  • Reasonably predictable effectiveness of proposed solution
  • Equitability of the proposal


  • Clarity, speed, and tone of voice
  • Use of gesture and expression
  • Appropriate use of notes
  • Persuasive techniques employed


  • Unobtrusive structure
  • Logical organisation of ideas
  • Coherent flow of ideas
  • Persuasive structure
  • Use of plain English

The complete judging criteria can be found here