Northern Territory Voice Competition

The Voice Competition is a platform to tell us how you would solve real-world problems.

Voice is a unique public speaking competition that invites Northern Territory high school students from Years 7-10 to solve real issues that affect our community, our country and our world. Voice is a platform to pitch your ideas. Young people will be asked to think outside the box and put their design thinking skills to the test in order to develop innovative and creative, yet feasible, solutions to real-world problems.

How Voice works

The competition is split into 2 parts — the Pitch and Question Time.

The Pitch: Participants outline a solution to a stipulated world problem. Students may present new solutions to long-standing problems, or new solutions to largely untouched issues. These issues, in the form of questions, will be provided to students as your register. In this section, adjudicators will be judging participants’ ability to provide feasible solutions rather than just discussing their chosen issue in the abstract.

Speaking Time
Junior Division (Year 7 and 8): 4 minutes
Senior Division (Year 9 and 10): 5 minutes

Question Time: Participants answer two questions on their solution, lasting for approximately one minute each, to the judging panel.

Speaking Time
Junior Division (Year 7 and 8): 2 minutes
Senior Division (Year 9 and 10): 2 minutes


Students will receive a set topic list of questions immediately after registration. Students are to choose one of the topics from the topic list and present a solution to the issue contained in the topic they have selected. The topics are the same for Juniours and Seniors. Please note that you only need to deliver a speech on one (1) of the topics from the topic list. These Sample Topics from 2016 will provide you with some information on the types of questions Voice asks students to grapple with. It is encouraged that students register as early as possible so that they have the maximum possible time to prepare for the competition.

Why compete in Voice?

  • Develop skills in public speaking, critical thinking, design thinking and research
  • Hone your ability to think on your feet, assisting you in leadership positions and debating
  • Build an increased knowledge about areas pertinent to you as students and citizens of the world
  • A chance to meet likeminded and engaged young people who share a passion for our world

The educational outcomes for students participating in Voice are extensive and invaluable. The unique structure of this competition facilitates the development of the following:

  • Critical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Independent formulation of ideas
  • Self-monitored research habits
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Self-confidence and personal presentation skills
  • Knowledge of current international events

Need more details?

If you have any questions, please contact our team at We will be able to assist you with any enquiry!


Registrations for the Voice Competition are open! In 2021, the Voice Competition will be held in an online format. Students from across the Territory will come together to deliver their speech and answer their questions in an online, live format.

Register now!

When: 12pm on Friday, 17th of September, 2021.

Where: Online, via Zoom!

Who: High-school students from Years 7 to 10.

Cost: Completely free!

UN Youth offers registrations options for students, teachers and community leaders to register themselves or young people for the Voice Competition. Please visit the registration form to begin.