Information For Teachers

Information For Teachers

Voice WA is the only public speaking competition of its type to include a comprehensive educational component.

Participants do not simply complete – they are directly taught valuable public
speaking skills that will help them in school, in the community, and in other
competitions. In addition, students gain an in-depth understanding of complex issues through independent research.

Participants gain heightened skills in communication and self-confidence, and the ability to convey their opinions convincingly and emotively. These skills are directly relevant to essay writing, creative writing, debating, Model UN, and other school and community leadership pursuits. Voice is a fantastic opportunity for students to be introduced to public speaking in a welcoming and encouraging environment, or for experienced speakers to show and practise their skills in a new format.

Furthermore, Voice WA participants will find that the public speaking workshop provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with and befriend like-minded students while learning from leading speakers and advocates – an opportunity not available in conventional public speaking competitions. Voice WA provides a readily accessible forum for students to meet and learn from their brightest and most passionate peers.
The educational outcomes for students participating in Voice are extensive and invaluable. The unique structure of this competition facilitates the development of:

• Critical reasoning and problem solving skills
• Independent formulation of ideas
• Self-monitored research habits
• Innovation and creativity
• Self-confidence and personal presentation skills
• Knowledge of current events and issues.



All information about the 2016 competition can be found in the Participant Handbook.

Additionally, the Speaking Guide contains valuable public speaking tips and explanations of the Voice judging guidelines.

If you have any further questions about Voice, please contact the convenor, Laura Gunning, at laura.gunning@unyouth.org.au