About the Conference

Are you in Years 9 – 12 and passionate about international relations?

In March 2019, students from across the territory will meet at Charles Darwin University to learn about leadership, diplomacy and advocacy. You will connect with issues that baffle the leaders of today and shape our national discourse. Perhaps most importantly, you will form friendships with a diverse array of students from all around the Northern Territory and become inspired to deliver change in your local communities, and eventually the world.

Power, Diplomacy, and Influence

Recent years have produced plenty of conversation surrounding diplomacy and political power. In an evolving world, politics and diplomacy interact with national identity, cultural cohesion, conflict, and personal beliefs. One needs not look further than the refugee crisis to grasp the complexity of diplomacy and political influence in a modern context, where concerns about economic capacity and security are contrasted against ideals of inclusion and humanitarianism.

What’s Involved?

Territory Conference spans across three days, giving you a chance to meet friends from all across the Northern Territory You will spend the first day of the conference meeting each other and getting ready to have some complex discussions. The second day centres around understanding and discussing the issue through workshops, listening to and questioning guest speakers, and tackling a simulated crisis in an Interactive Problem Solving activity. The final day of the conference is your chance to emulate a member state of the United Nations in Model UN debates. Get into a diplomat’s shoes for a day and do your best to pass resolutions that will benefit the global community and align with your national interests – not always an easy task.

Event Details

When: TBA
Time: 8:00am-4:30pm
Who: Open to all students in Years 9 – 12
Where: TBA
Cost: TBA (inclusive of three day’s worth of meals and drinks


UN Youth Northern Territory wishes to thank the Northern Territory Government, Charles Darwin University, and Rotary Club of Litchfield/Palmerston for their generous support of the conference.