What is Negotiations Competition?

Students from Years 9-12 compete in teams of two to represent a particular country in an mock international negotiation. Teams can be formed by students from differing schools as long as they are Tasmanian!

In these teams students will need to act towards the achievement of their country’s strategic interests and objectives by proposing and debating solutions to a crisis! The aim is to find mutually beneficial resolutions to disagreements based in real-world situations. Teams, with limited knowledge of other teams positions, are issued instructions from their respective governments that detail the both the wanted outcome and those that should be avoided at all costs!

The most effective diplomats and negotiators will be announced the winners of the competition by the end of the day!

More information!

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email our of operations, Arushi Joshi at arushi.joshi@unyouth.org.au. Otherwise feel free to connect with us here on our Facebook page UN Youth Tasmania or on Instagram @unyouthtas

How To Get Involved!

Dates for Negotiations Competition 2020 (held on ZOOM):
Sunday the 29th of November

Negotiations Competition will be held online, using the online site Zoom to connect! So if you’re in years 9-12, get onboard with this fantastic opportunity to get involved with geopolitical international disputes! If you plan on attending, make sure you have access to a working microphone and internet connection! More information about the rounds will be released closer to the date!

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