State Conference 2024

Are you in Years 9 – 12 and passionate about international relations?

We want your voice to be heard.

Join hundreds of students in 2024 for a leadership, diplomacy, and advocacy weekend. Connect with issues that baffle today’s leaders and shape our national discourse. Form friendships with a diverse array of students from all around Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and become inspired to deliver change in your local communities, and eventually the world.

State Conference is one of the best events of the year and we would love to see you there.

If you have any questions, please contact the State Conference Team at

Youth Representative to the United Nations Consultation

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we will have the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations visit us on the second day of the conference to run a consultation session with all delegates. This is a fantastic opportunity for the delegates to have their voice heard and be a part of representing the interests of young adults across the country.



Like most of our events, the Queensland State Conference is focused on developing leadership skills and discussing how we can make a difference in our local communities and the world.

The theme for State Conference 2024 is ‘The Future of Your Democracy in the 21st Century’

What’s Involved?

State Conference is a three-day residential event held on the Gold Coast that offers passionate students in Years 9 – 12 a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people from all across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The conference centres on understanding and discussing important global issues through workshops and interactive problem-solving activities. There are also plenty of fun games to play, and a myriad of opportunities to both network and relax.

The UN Youth Queensland State Conference also hosts a day of Model UN debate. Students will spend some time acting as a diplomat – doing their best to pass resolutions that will benefit the global community and align with their national interests.


When: 9/02 – 11/02
Where: Gold Coast Recreational Centre

Who: Students in Years 9 to 12
Cost: $320 per student

All food and accommodation are fully covered in the cost of the event.

Need more info?

Get in contact with UN Youth Queensland by emailing the State Con Team at

We can’t wait to see you there!

State Conference is an event for anyone with an interest in international affairs. It’s a chance to meet like-minded peers and share your thoughts on issues affecting the global community. By the time you leave, we guarantee you’ll be better aware of what goes on in the world around you and what role you can play in shaping its future.

Feedback from Previous Delegates

Here’s what Delegates from past State Conferences have had to say:

“I liked having my stance challenged, getting better informed, and having my perspectives changed by others.”

“I loved absolutely everything! Everyone who attended was amazing, the facs were awesome and I can’t wait to do some more Model UN”

“I loved that all the facilitators were so friendly and entertaining; it made everyone much more comfortable and was a good ice breaker. The types of debates we had were really interesting and new for me, and it was great to debate with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable people.”

“My awareness and knowledge for current affairs had increased drastically over those few days of Summit! I was able to chat to anyone about anything, give my opinion on a certain topic and discuss things that I had never talked about before!”

“Other delegates were so friendly and cool to hang with”

It was an absolutely fantastic weekend!”