UN Youth Tasmania’s young and knowledgeable volunteers have a history of conducting visits to schools and classes of all types. These have proved to be a powerful and engaging way for students to learn about international issues of all kinds.

Entirely self-contained, these school visits are primarily targeted at students in Grades 7-12, and can be shaped to your needs.

Many schools find students respond well to learning in a different style or environment, taught by a group of enthusiastic peers similar to their age. Our school visits link in with TQA and Education Department curriculum requirements well, and as a result, can allow teachers to relax for a lesson.

Our representatives are well prepared, thoroughly knowledgeable, and able to engage youth in a wide range of ways.

Popular topics include:

  • Legal Studies – International Law and the United Nations, Human Rights,
  • History – Cold War Tensions, Terrorism, The post 1945 environment, UN organs
  • Sociology – Global inequality, poverty, development and foreign aid, microfinance
  • Economics – Global Political Economy, International Trade, Globalisation, Protectionism and Free Trade, International Trade Institutions, Currency
  • Australia and the Asia-Pacific – Australian Foreign Policy, Pacific cooperation, Multilateral institutions

However, we are entirely flexible and able to design or adapt a program to your needs.

More generally, other initiatives could include

  1. Speeches or presentations in assembly or tutor/home groups
  2. A lunch-time stall in the school/library
  3. A model UN debate in the school or classroom

If you would like to organise a UN Youth visit to your school, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Education, Finlay McKeown at taseducation@unyouth.org.au, or finlay.mckeown@unyouth.org.au.