Take advantage of a top-quality educational experience, crafted specifically for your needs! If you’re a primary or high school teacher, or a tertiary educator, we want to hear from you!

UN Youth Northern Territory supplements the curriculum in the territory by giving students a meaningful and insightful experience, showing them why they should be passionate and giving them the tools to engage with the issues surrounding them.

The structure of our school visits are unique and flexible. They can be developed to meet the individual needs of your school and students.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Human Rights
  • Wars
  • Peacekeeping
  • Civic participation
  • Justice
  • The United Nations (introductory or detailed)
  • Current World Issues
  • Model UN
  • Economics
  • Development

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Please contact our Director of Education, Emma Boeck at emma.boeck@unyouth.org.au for more information.

UN Youth Northern Territory facilitators are peer-to-peer educators, each of whom has received extensive facilitation training.  We believe each young person has the potential to understand and exercise their civic rights on a local, national and global level and demonstrate this through our programs. We value informal education, giving students a different style of learning based on interactivity and understanding to supplement their factual knowledge.

Legal Studies

UN Youth NT is a firm supporter of the SACE curriculum for Legal Studies, as such the program we present, the School Engagement Program (SEP), has been designed to complement and expand upon practical outcomes of the knowledge obtained throughout the course.

Engaging with the three key topics of the Stage 1 Legal Studies Course (Law and Society, People, Structures and Processes, and Law-making) and the four key topics of the Stage 2 Legal Studies course (the Australian Legal System, Constitutional Government, Lawmaking, and Justice Systems) this education program will assist students in expanding their knowledge of the subject. With this program UN Youth Northern Territory will deliver a number sessions based around key points in the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Legal Studies subject outline.

Utilising workshops, the heart of UN Youth’s peer-to-peer education system, students who participate will gain a strong understanding of the core topics which are required for the course.

  • The Stage 1 Legal Studies School Engagement Program Prospectus can be found here.
  • The Stage 2 Legal Studies School Engagement Program Prospectus can be found here.