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Giving power and narrative back to young people.

The Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations for this year is Imogen. A 23 years old from Melbourne, Imogen is responsible for engaging with young people across Australia to understand their experiences and concerns with today’s local, domestic, and international issues. Through collaboration with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Imogen will contribute youth voices from Australia to the 78th United Nations General Assembly and international fora throughout 2023.

Join me for an interactive, youth-only Consultation

Between September 1st and 4th, Imogen will be traveling across South Australia, hosting collaborative discussions that explore the issues you are most concerned about. While young people across the world (including us at UN Youth Australia) are often still viewed as a homogenous group by societal institutions, Imogen’s recognition of young people’s diversity as “creative, fierce, unique and adaptive” has driven her vision for 2023’s Australian Youth Representative Program to “bring forth their stories, trends in experiences and different perspectives so that Australia and the world can benefit from their unapologetically new outlook”.

What is a Consultation?

A consultation is designed for Imogen to understand you and your collective youth experiences.

At this consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to complete our Youth Representative Survey and several worksheets which will all be collected and analysed to inform Imogen on your top issues and opinions on various topical and non-topical concerns occurring across Australia and our global society. This information will then be presented to key decision-makers at local, domestic, and international levels to inform and champion for a world that recognises and incorporates the needs and views of young people.

We call this consultation and process the ‘Listening Tour’ where our passionate Youth Representation Team, all run by young people, organise 100s of consults across all cities to listen to 1000s of young people within Australia. With no fees or charges, our primary aim is to engage, listen and elevate as many young voices as possible so Imogen can champion a representative understanding and voice of young people.

About Imogen Kane

She/her pronouns

Melbourne, Victoria

23 years old

You can connect with Imogen professionally through her LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imogen-kane.

Imogen has been involved in multiple publications including ‘Six Months Later’, a Monash Gender Peace and Security Centre collection of research essays put together by young women from Australia and Afghanisation in the context of the eroding rights of women and girls under Taliban rule. Through the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition’s Young Leaders and Advocates Fellowship, Imogen advocated youth experiences and concerns to the government regarding domestic violence, financial literacy, housing and employment. Imogen has convened Model UN conferences, led overseas delegations and competed on behalf of Monash International Affairs Society, Monash University and Australia more broadly, receiving multiple international recognitions. Imogen is passionate about teaching Model UN skills and creating programs that support students to travel, provide policy solutions and youth perspectives on global issues, and connect with other young people from across the world.

Imogen is studying a Master of International Relations (specialising in Gender, Peace and Security) at Monash University, after recently completing a Bachelor of Global Studies (specialising in International Relations). She is passionate about the cross-cutting issues of gender in international relations, and the role and representation of youth perspectives in global forums.

Key Details



Who for: Young people residing in South Australia

Cost: Completely free!



September 1st – 10am to 1pm
Lower Napier, LG19


September 1st – 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Moot Court, Law & Commerce Building


September 2nd – 10am to 1pm
Jefferey Smart Building, University of South Australia, 243 Hindley Street


September 2nd – 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Adelaide Hills Council, 36 Nairne Road, Woodside


September 3rd – 10am to 1pm
City Hall, Mt Gambier

You can register up until the start of the event. Spots are limited but we encourage as many sign-ups as possible!

For more information, please contact the organiser, Vasil Samardzhiev, at sapresident@unyouth.org.au.

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