About the Conference

Are you in Years 10 – 12 and passionate about global issues, human rights, multiculturalism and gender?

Territory Conference is UN Youth NT’s largest annual conference, open to all Year 10 to 12 students from across Darwin and the Greater Darwin area.

This year, the conference theme is ‘Multiculturalism and Gender: A World of Change’. Territory Conference introduces students to Model United Nations (MUN) debates, educational and interactive workshops on various current affairs and is an incredible opportunity to learn how young people can create change in the world.

Multiculturalism and Gender in a World of Change

During the course of the three-day conference, students will discuss and debate:

  • When, if ever, does our security take precedence over the rights of others?
  • How is promoting diversity still relevant in today’s world?
  • How can we improve the relationships between cultures in an increasingly multicultural society?

Recent years have produced plenty of conversation about multiculturalism. In an evolving world, multiculturalism forms our attitudes to national identity, cultural cohesion, conflict, and personal beliefs. These effects change with the incorporation of other cultures into our own. One needs not look further than the discussion surrounding the refugee crisis to grasp the complexity of multiculturalism in a modern context, where concerns about economic capacity and security are contrasted against ideals of inclusion and humanitarianism.

In addition, students at Territory Conference will have the opportunity to engage in and learn more about the history and future of the gender equality movement.

Event Details

When: Friday 24 March - Sunday 26 March 2017

Who: Open to all students in Years 10 - 12

Where: To be announced soon

Cost: $40 (inclusive of three days' worth of meals and drinks)


Event Details

When: Friday 24 March - Sunday 26 March 

Who: Open to all students in Years 10 - 12

Where: Charles Darwin University

Cost: $40 (inclusive of three day's worth of meals and drinks)