Important Information about Participation

The 2023 Negotiations Competition is being held online using Google Meets!

Students can participate in the competition without being forced to meet up in a common place, such as at a student’s house. UN Youth NSW has made the decision to implement this requirement in respect of those who live with vulnerable people who are more susceptible to the virus. This structure enables students to compete even if they are not in a position to have visitors in the home or to meet with other people in public places (i.e. libraries). 

Please note that this requirement is extended to ALL teams, even those teams that are able to meet up and compete together from the same room (and thus are able to join the Google Meets calls for their sessions together from the one device). Students from EVERY team MUST separately join the Google Meets calls for their two preliminary rounds from separate computer devices; they must remain separated like that for the duration of both session one and session two. Teams CANNOT participate on one device.

The reason why this requirement, which may seem restrictive, extends to all teams is because teams that can compete together would have an unfair advantage in the competition over those teams that cannot compete together. This requirement has been implemented to make the competition as fair as possible for all participants.

Please do not hesitate to contact the NSW Director of Operations, Ruby Abercromby, at if you have any questions about this.