UN Youth NSW’s magazine- the Global Advocate- is back for a second time this year! Our official magazine first launched in 2020 aiming to explore international affairs and global issues from a youth’s perspective.

The magazine consists of literary and artistic pieces produced by young, talented Australians selected for their unique point of view. After a successful issue 6 launch with JOURNEYS, we are excited to open pitches again for issue 7.

The theme for the next issue is SPACES, which will aim to explore the different literal, psychological and metaphorical spaces within our lives that make up different societies, cultures and nations, and make us who we are.

We are after essays, articles, short fiction, letters, poems, opinions pieces, artwork and photography that explores which spaces shape our lives, form worldviews and allow us to understand societies, cultures, nations and ourselves. 

What are the spaces that allow us to be safe, to be heard, to be trapped or to be loved, and what spaces help us see the world differently? Can certain spaces be restricting or conflicting? Can certain spaces allow for harmony and reconciliation? How have certain spaces changed over time or across borders? Tell us about a space that is important to you. 

Pitches are now open to Australian youth between the ages of 12-25 and close on the 10th of October.

If you are passionate about writing, or feel passionate about the concept of ‘spaces’ and want to express yourself through a written or visual format, send in your 150-word pitch through this link!

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