The Middle East Experience will empower ten young Australians to explore the realities of the contemporary peace-building project in one of the most geopolitically significant regions of our world.

Information Pack

The tour information pack contains everything you need to know about the trip, including cost, cities, security, the team and more. We recommend you read it before applying for the tour.

Middle East Experience Jan2020 – Information Pack

Tour Highlights

  • Amman: The capital of Jordan is a city in the middle
of its transition from traditional to modern, surrounded by historically meaningful sites and with organisations that will provide valuable consultations. Here, we will explore ancient settlements such as Jerash, visit crusades stronghold Ajloun Castle, and see 
Mt Nebo, where Moses looked out to see the Promised Land. In Amman we will meet with the Australian Embassy to Jordan to discuss Australia’s role in the Middle East Peace Process, the UN Relief Works Agency, and UN High Commission for Refugees.
  • Petra: The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings literally carved into the rock around the town. This place is arguably the most beautiful city in the Middle East, and is steeped in history.
  • Jerusalem: One of the most important cities in the
world, Jerusalem provides not only an enormous amount of historical sites, but also a great number of professional consultation opportunities. Examples include the Australian Defence Force, to discuss the role of Australian military in the peace process, the UN Truce Supervision Organisation, and the role of the UN and the use of force within the region, as well as World Vision and the International Crisis Group, to discuss the role of NGOs.
  • Tel Aviv: Travelling next to Tel Aviv, the tour will look at the current state of the Middle East peace process, meeting with organisations such as the UN High Commission as well as local organisations engaged in community action and peace building efforts.

How to apply

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Please feel free to get in touch with the tour team with any questions you have about the tour.

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