We are excited to continue The Global Citizenship Award (GCA) in 2024, which allows delegates to earn 10 Stage 1 SACE Credits for attending a range of UN Youth events and programs.

Talk to your school SACE coordinator to start your GCA today!

The Global Citizenship Award recognises delegates’ engagement with, and understanding of international issues, human rights, and the role of the United Nations in international peace and security. Delegates who have earned the GCA will have developed the skills and knowledge to make change in their local, national and international communities.

To be eligible for GCA, delegates will need to:
Participate in the Student Ambassador Program (SAP), and fulfilment of the SAP participation criteria outlined in the SAP Welcome Pack
Participate in one of the following major events:
  • State Conference
  • Evatt Competition
  • Voice Competition
They will supplement their learning by engaging with two of the following minor events:
  • School Visits
  • Young Leaders Summit
  • Crisis Point
  • Youth Representative Consultations
To earn the GCA, students will need to participate in a final interview with a senior leader of UN Youth SA, where they will talk about the skills they have developed (speaking, negotiation, teamwork, research, professionalism) by engaging with UN Youth events.



To gain the SACE credits, students (or SACE coordinators) must submit a “Recognition Application – Community-developed Programs” (Form 10) form, found here: https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/studying/recognised-learning/community-learning 

This form is to be submitted to the SACE board by a school with attached evidence (a completion certificate provided by UN Youth SA) that the award has been earned.


GCA fast facts:

  • GCA grants 10 Stage 1 SACE credits (the equivalent of one Year 11 subject)
  • Students can begin earning SACE points before Year 11 (Eg. Year 9/10 students can credit their participation in SACON and Voice to GCA)
  • GCA is BACKDATED for 2024 – anyone who has attended any UN Youth events in 2023 can have this credited towards GCA
  • GCA is excellent evidence of personal and professional development for resumes


For any enquiries about the GCA, please email our Education Director, Isaac Gosling-Heysen, at saeducation@unyouth.org.au